Le programme Crossing paths : explorations of interdisciplinarity

Programme Crossing paths : Explorations of interdisciplinarity/ Regards croisés : Explorations de l’interdisciplinarité

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The program “Crossing paths: explorations of interdisciplinarity” aims to facilitate the meeting of researchers from different fields around a common theme. Such encounters sometimes make spectacular progress, but are always delicate, if only because of the difficulty of finding a common language. They therefore carry a risk. The goal of the program is precisely to allow this risk taking, giving researchers time to understand each other and to move forward together.

The program is structured by the activities of two Chairs (the Chair in Integrated Cancer Research, joined with the IPC, and the Langage and Brain Chair, joined with the ILCB), and deploys its activities around three cycles.

Networks: Network analyzes are developing in all social science disciplines. Networks are also involved in work in mathematics (graph theory), biology (epidemiology, neural networks), physics, computer science, and complex systems studies. This cycle presents the contributions of network analyzes in different disciplines by showing their common points and their specificities, based on empirical research.

Methods: cross-disciplinary reflections between disciplines: The moments of reflection, even of debates on the relevance of scientific methods, their limits their requirements, their possible combinations, as well as the links between choice of a method and social or even political conceptions, are decisive moments for the evolutions of the sciences. The purpose of this seminar is to propose such moments of reflection, by bringing together researchers in the social sciences and the formal and experimental sciences on subjects that arouse methodological debates.

Cognition: interdisciplinary approaches”: Mental processes are too complex to be usefully analyzed from a single discipline. The cognitive sciences are therefore, by necessity, multidisciplinary. However, if these different disciplines share the same objects of study, they do not talk together too rarely. Each session of this cycle aims to establish a dialogue between the different disciplines around specific topics.

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