Catégorie : Programme Crossing paths – Exploration of interdisciplinarity


“First Time Home”, a film produced by Seth Holmes

See the Film trailer of First Time Home, produced by Seth Holmes, Medical Anthropologist, holder of the Paoli-Calmettes Insitute/IMéRA chair. The film is directed and shot by young people who are Indigenous Triqui, second-generation immigrants, who travel from their immigrant community in California to their family’s ancestral village in Oaxaca.


Because They’re Closer to the Ground: Migrant Farmworkers, Health Care, and the Invisibilization of Inequalities, by Seth Holmes

Seth Holmes (Medical anthropology, Paoli Calmettes Institute/IMéRA fellow 2020/2021) presented his research topics at an internal seminar at the SESSTIM (Sciences économiques et sociales de la santé & traitement de l’information médicale (Faculty of Timone, Marseille)), on October 9, 2020. Find his presentation in video.


Marco Ciufolini : créer des start-up, la bonne formule pour faire de la chimie… et lutter contre le cancer, avec le CRCM (Marseille)

Le professeur est titulaire de la chaire IMéRA/IPC en oncologie intégrée. Il développe avec Patrice Dubreuil et Xavier Morelli au Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille des molécules dédiées à des traitements anticancéreux et antiviraux. A la clé, une start-up. Portrait.

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