“First Time Home”, a film produced by Seth Holmes

Seth Holmes, Medical Anthropologist, holder of the Paoli-Calmettes Institute/IMéRA chair in Integrated Cancerology (sept 2020 – July 2021), is the producer of the Film First Time Home, whose the screening is scheduled on summer or fall. The film is directed and shot by young people who are Indigenous Triqui, second-generation immigrants, travelling from their immigrant community in California to their family’s ancestral village in Oaxaca for the first time.

Seth Holmes first started working with the co-directors’ families in research and health projects in 2002 and has worked with them until now. They are the families with whom he collaborated in the research for his first book, Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies.

Their experiences of sickness and of healthcare led him to embark on the project he is focusing on primarily at IMeRA this year.

With the four co-directors, they initiated the project together when they went from the USA on their first trip to meet their relatives, including their sick grandfather in the hometown of their parents in Southern Mexico.

For Seth Holmes, this visual ethnography is “a new way to explore collaborative research and collaborative ethics across levels of difference” while continuing his overall research related to social inequities, health inequities and the ways they are naturalized, normalized and resisted.  

See the Film trailer:

More informations about the film on the website: https://www.firsttimehomefilm.com


Seth Holmes is Associate Professor, Medical Anthropology, Society and Environment at the University of California Berkeley. At IMéRA, he is the holder of the Paoli Calmettes Institute/IMéRA Chair in Integrated Cancerology (sept 2020 – Juillet 2021). His research topic at IMéRA is « Training for Unequal Care: Medical Students, Social Inequalities and the Clinical Gaze ».

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