Seth Holmes’ IMéRA residency in 3 questions

The medical anthropologist Seth Holmes answers our questions about his IMéRA residency.

Seth Holmes is Associate Professor, Medical Anthropology, Society and Environment at the University of California Berkeley. At IMéRA, he is the holder of the Paoli Calmettes Institute/IMéRA Chair in Integrated Cancerology (sept 2020 – Juillet 2021). His research topic at IMéRA is « Training for Unequal Care: Medical Students, Social Inequalities and the Clinical Gaze ».

What motivated your choice to come to IMéRA to work on this research project: “Training for Unequal Care: Medical Students, Social Inequalities and the Clinical Gaze” ?

IMéRA has an outstanding reputation for interdisciplinary exchange, including arts, humanities, social sciences and also medical sciences.  In my experience, there are not very many institutes with this degree of interdisciplinary intellectual community.  The links between IMéRA, AMU, the IPC, INSERM, CNRS, and the EHESS bring further interdisciplinary discussions.  For my project, which lies at the intersection of sociocultural anthropology and medicine, this environment is ideal for my ongoing thinking and writing.    

What process do you follow during your residency at IMéRA ?

I am reading and analyzing fieldnotes from my research, reading related books and articles, and writing.  As I think through my preliminary analyses, I discuss with my colleagues here at IMéRA, the IPC, and the Centre Norbert Elias at the EHESS Marseille. Most of my days here are spent focused on analyzing my fieldnotes, writing and revising.  When I need a break from working at my computer, I spend some time on the weekends bicycling to the Vieux Port, the Corniche or the Calanques – or even taking a train to the Alps.  The nature near Marseille helps me return to my writing with increased energy and focus.  

What outcomes do you plan to give to your research project by the end of your residence and after ?

By the end of my stay at IMéRA, I hope to have a rough draft of my book from the research project “Training for Unequal Care: Medical Students, Social Inequalities and the Clinical Gaze”.  I also hope to complete and publish a related co-edited special issue of BMJ Global Health that brings concepts from the social sciences to analyze the health and health care of migrant communities in the world.  In addition, I hope to build ongoing conversations and collaborations with colleagues here in Marseille and in France more broadly.   

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