Disorder in the eye of the beholder, by Naa Oyo Kwate

Naa Oyo Kwate. Copyright Christophe Delory

Naa Oyo A. Kwate, résidente IMéRA 2017-2018, est professeur au département des études africaines et au département d’écologie humaine de l’université Rutgers (États-Unis). Elle est titulaire d’un doctorat en psychologie clinique de l’Université St. John’s, New York. Ses recherches portent sur les façons dont les environnements urbains construits reflètent les inégalités raciales aux États-Unis et comment le racisme affecte directement et indirectement la santé des Afro-Américains.

Article paru dans Perspectives#17, revue du RFIEA.

When I learned that I had the fortune of winning a EURIAS fellowship and would be spending a year in Marseille, one of my first orders of business was to start looking for travel guides. I stumbled upon a book for soon-to-beexpatriates planning a move to France (1). To be sure, Paris was the focal point for the book, the assumption being that anyone who hopes to relocate to France intends to move to the capital. But a quick flip of the pages suggested sufficient breadth of information about navigating day-to-day life in France to make purchasing the book worth it.

Days later, when I began reading the book, I found that towns and regions beyond Île-de-France were described, each with its distinctive merits. In Brittany, Rennes was characterized as a modern city with a technological bent, while Vannes, perched above a seashore, featured a downtown comprised of cobblestone streets where brasseries serving local cider beckoned to passersby. Bordeaux and the Dorgdogne Valley, replete with truffles, wine, and rolling green countryside, evinced a fairytale feel. Pau was a “little jewel”, noted for plentiful sports activities and a balance of urban, rural, and cosmopolitan.

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Naa Oyo Kwate – « Reading the Street: Subjective and Objective Assessments of Neighborhood Charm and Disorder » 21/09/17

Vidéo intégrale de la présentation du projet de recherche de Naa Oyo Kwate (résident IMéRA/EURIAS 2017-2018), enregistré le 21 septembre 2017 à l’IMéRA.

« Reading the Street: Subjective and Objective Assessments of Neighborhood Charm and Disorder » par Naa Oyo KWATE (Associate Professor, jointly appointed in Department of Human Ecology and Department of Africana Studies. Also Associate Director of the Center for Race and Ethnicity. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey).

Période de résidence : 11 septembre 2017 – 13 juillet 2018 ; résidence EURIAS/IMéRA